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Our projects
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Design and Build with TECAS

We are experts in design and fit-out of commercial and residential interiors. In our approach, we focus primarily on our Clients’ needs. We take the time to get to know each other and analyze the requirements carefully before working on the project. Understanding the principles of the Clients’ organization is at the heart of designing the space for their business. We believe that the interior must reflect the character of the brand, emphasize the company’s organizational culture and make employees, customers and guests feel the good energy of the place.
During work, we focus on quality, while not forgetting the agreed budget and deadlines. We specialize in finishing works, but thanks to the experience of our team, we are able to carry out a wider range of construction works – even such requiring adaptation of the building structure.
We carry out works in various commercial interiors: office, retail, service, restaurants, hospitality, sports and recreation. Our services are used by both landlords and building managers, as well as tenants. We also help with residential interiors.
At TECAS, we do everything to turn the difficult and demanding process of your leased space fit-out into a pleasant and satisfying experience.
Aranżacja biura
Get to know our projects
2012 IMS
2012 IMS

Office facility; Warsaw; area ca. 2,400 m²; project value: PLN 0.3 million; scope: AV, conference room reservation system, floor covering

2018 Episo 3 Arena
2018 Episo 3 Arena

Commercial facility; Gliwice; area ca. 1,000 m²; project value: PLN 1.0 million; Fit-out of the space for the needs of the KIK tenant (Arena Gliwice – KIK premises)

2019 Pomorska Investments
2019 Pomorska Investments

Commercial facility; Bydgoszcz; area ca. 1,000 m²; project value: PLN 1.0 million; Fit-out of the space for 3 tenants (Pomorska shopping mall, Bydgoszcz: Martes Sport, Świat GSM, Kodano Optyk, Centrum Wina)

2019 Episo 3 Turzyn
2019 Episo 3 Turzyn

Commercial facility; Szczecin; area ca. 1,000 m²; project value: PLN 1.0 million; Fit-out of the space for the needs of the KIK tenant (Turzyn shopping mall, KIK premises)

Meet our team

The TECAS team brings together professionals in the area of interior design, space planning, project management and construction. We take advantage of our employees’ long-term experience to provide clients with innovative and practical solutions.

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